Election Day Tomorrow Nov 3rd


Hi everyone,

I am sending this email out to all of my friends and contacts that are located within SH Twp regarding tomorrow’s election.  I am running for the Township Supervisor position and I would like to encourage you to vote.

My name is going to appear on both the Republican & Democratic ticket tomorrow.  I am essentially running unopposed after defeating the incumbent in the Primary Election.  We need to make sure everyone votes tomorrow to finalize the process.  Essentially we could only lose if somebody is able to mount a significant “write in” campaign.
(Voting Hours are from 7 AM to 8 PM all day Tuesday Nov 3rd)

The township offers 3 voting locations:
Township Municipal Building, Hillside Christian Church, Building #16 at Wernersville State Hospital

As a lifelong resident of South Heidelberg Township I have decided to run for the 6-Year term Supervisor position to help improve many aspects of the Township Government.  Over the past year I have been involved with various Township activities and have noticed a lot of significant short comings that we need to step up and address.

The Key Items that underline my campaign platform and have motivated me to run for the Supervisor Position are the following:

• To provide a VOICE FOR THE RESIDENTS.  Give the township residents a Supervisor that will base his votes and direction on viable opinions and information provided by the residents.

• Improve the TRANSPARENCY of the political process in SH Twp.  Allow residents to have more visibility into Township activities.

• Responsible BUSINESS DEVELOPMENT to expand the tax base and KEEP TAXES AS LOW AS POSSIBLE.  I feel I have the skills to communicate and work with potential incoming businesses to maximize their impact on the Township.  Business Development must fit into the common sense laws of the Township and the current Zoning structure to be fair to the established residents.

• Many of our local politicians use the words “job creation” as a buzz word.  I have stepped up and taken massive action in the Township and have actually CREATED JOBS instead of waiting for others to do it.

• COMMUNICATION within the Township needs to be modernized.  I plan to work with the residents within the township to use modern technology to provide notification of key events to all residents.  Improving the Township website, email notifications, and Facebook presence are also a target.

• Various other key issues are on the table for discussion moving forward. My family and friends, and all supporters are very excited about the election and the opportunity to help improve South Heidelberg Township for ALL Residents for many years to come.  Please take the time to pass the word along to your friends and neighbors about tomorrow’s election and get out and vote.  I truly appreciate all of the support.

Best Regards,

Tom Byrne
Berkshire Technology Solutions LLC (BTS)
PO Box 92 Wernersville, PA 19565
PH: 610-927-6707 x101

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