Letter: Proposed gas project far too big a risk


Monday July 21, 2014 12:01 AM

After reading “Gas project stays on foes’ radar in South Heidelberg” (Reading Eagle, July 14), I felt compelled to bring some light to the facts regarding this project.

A refinery of this kind never has been constructed in the United States. The other five such refineries worldwide are each built on 800-acre plots. The site in South Heidelberg is a 63-acre plot. How can Emberclear Corp. justify this being physically safe with such a small area of land?

The article stated that 1,200 construction jobs would be created. These would be temporary jobs with no guarantee the work would go to local residents, as Emberclear plans to develop the project and then have companies bid to build the refinery.

We are entrusting the safety of our community and its environment to a company that plans to sell off its plan as soon as it is approved with no knowledge of who will be constructing the refinery itself. More than 300 homes are within feet of the proposed site. How could homeowners feel safe raising children in this area when there could be flaming towers, methane-carrying pipelines, and noxious chemicals released daily into the air?

The further development of this site will turn what many children currently call home into a dangerous science experiment. We have a moral obligation to ensure this does not happen.

Robert Rick

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