Update For Our SHCA Family


In November, one of our neighbors attended the Township Supervisor’s’ Meeting. Our neighbor asked our Supervisors if they would work with him to draft a Public Safety Ordinance to protect township residents from Hazardous Liquid & Gas Facilities. Our Supervisors agreed to allow our Township Solicitor to work with our neighbor to draft such an ordinance, so it could be presented to our Planning Commission first, and then presented to our Township Supervisors.

A draft ordinance, entitled the “HAZARDOUS LIQUID AND/OR GAS FACILITY PUBLIC SAFETY BUFFER ZONE”, was submitted to our Township Manager in December.

At the time of submittal, the Township Manager informed our Neighbor that the submittal was “too late” to be placed on the agenda for the January Planning Commission Meeting. He assured our neighbor the draft ordinance would be presented to our Planning Commission at their February meeting so it could then be presented to our Township Supervisors at their February meeting as well.

In January, the Township Manager cancelled the February Planning Commission meeting because; as he told our neighbor, “we have no business to discuss”. After being told back in December to present the draft ordinance in February, your neighbor is now being told “we have no business to discuss”.

Well WE have business to discuss with our Township Supervisors. Please attend the next Township Supervisor’s Meeting on Thursday February 12th. We need the entire SHCA family to wear your RED and to remind our Township Supervisors that we elected them to represent us, not to represent a gas company. Let’s find out why our Township Manager is “protecting” our Supervisors from the “HAZARDOUS LIQUID AND/OR GAS FACILITY PUBLIC SAFETY BUFFER ZONE” ordinance that was created to protect us, the families of South Heidelberg Township.

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