SHCA has drafted this email to provide our community with an update on the proposed EmberClear GTL project in South Heidelberg.  The following information is what we have gathered to the best of our knowledge.

The project is currently on hold or canceled at the SH site.  Township officials have stated that they are receiving no correspondence from Emberclear regarding this project for many months now.  At a monthly Township meeting both Township officials and Residents have confirmed that the agreement of Sale between EmberClear and the Land Owner of the 63 acre parcel has expired.

While all signs point to this project being dead at the SH location, the residents must remain vigilant and actively engaged in SH Township proceedings to prevent this from ever happening again.  The Overlay that was enacted to allow for the construction of this GTL facility is still in place.  We must work to have this Overlay rescinded.  The overall safety of the residents and local business owners must remain the top priority in South Heidelberg Township moving forward.

A South Heidelberg Township resident is working on submitting a new Ordinance to the Township that would enhance the Public Safety and prevent Hazardous Materials form being used at this LIGHT INDUSTRIAL zoned site.  A separate email blast will be sent out very soon to provide more details on this Ordinance.  Community Members are strongly encouraged to attend the Township Meeting at 7 PM on Feb 12th to support this process.

Emberclear is a publicly traded entity and their financial data can easily be reviewed in detail on many financial websites.  Emberclear did announce its Fiscal Year End 2014 Results reporting a Net Loss of $22.8 million per Market Wired Website on Nov. 26th, 2014.

A member of the SHCA will be running for a Township Supervisor seat in 2015.  The primary elections will be held this spring with the general election to follow in November.  We will release more information about the candidate in the coming weeks.

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